To share moments, ideas and experiences with other oenologists or people connected to wines is something that I have always liked and encouraged. So, I decided to create the brand Sidecar.

Each year I will challenge a friend to produce wine in my wine cellar, in Mora.

They will decide how to interpret this region’s fantastic vineyards.... by driving the motorcycle!

For Sidecar’s second edition, I invited two friends, the winemaker Filipa Pato and the sommelier William Wouters. Quite a mix, you would think... It makes all sense though!

We decided to bring out the best field blend of indigenous grape varieties from the Serra de São Mamede, in a higher and cooler part of Alentejo and mix with an illustrious Baga grape from centennial vineyards of Atlantic influenced Bairrada.The wines were both fermented and aged in amphorae.

_ Alentejo, Bairrada
_ 50% traditional grape varieties from Serra de São Mamede, 50% Baga from Bairrada
_ Manual, in 20 kg boxes thoroughly chosen at the wine cellar’s entrance.
_ In amphorae
_ In amphorae
_ April 2016
_ 1.700 0,75L bottles and 50 magnum bottles

The wine should be served slightly cool (14 - 16°) in fine glassware with red meats, poultry, grilled fish and creamy cheeses. Saúde!

_ 12.5
Total acidity
_ 5.8
_ 3.51
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